FE-S Non-standard straight unit

FE-S unit is used for electrical power transmission.

This unit can be manufactured with different length:

500–999mm - S1
1000–1999mm - S2
2000–2999mm - S3
FE-S Non-standard straight unit
Ф 630
  • KLM-R
  • 06
  • Cu
  • 55
  • 4
  • 1
  • FE
  • S2

Order sample: 630A, copper, IP55, with 4 conductors, steel enclosure, length 1100 mm*
*Precise length is shown in the note to specification of equipment.

Non-standard unit measurement and calculation
Non-standard unit dimension, required for installation between samples, is 640 mm. Dimension of unit is found as net distance between units installed minus 20 mm. This distance is required for two joint units installation.