RE Reducer

Reducer is used for reducing the busbar discharge capacity with protection in less powerful line parts.

This unit can be manufactured with non standard features:

  1. Unit length.
  2. Switching/protection equipment (circuit breaker, releaser, fuse). Also installation of motor-operator with remote control is available.
  3. Any step of busbar rated current reducing.
  4. Phasing.
  5. Control mechanisms layout.

Note: this unit is non standard and be manufactured individually within certain project. Detailed features are specifıed by equipment manufacturer.

RE Reducer
  • KLM-R
  • 08
  • 02
  • Cu
  • 55
  • 4
  • 1
  • RE
  • Y1

Order sample: 800–250 A, copper, IP55, with 4 conductors, steel enclosure, with automatic circuit breaker in a cast resin enclosure, with control lever