BB Bolt-on box

Bolt-on box is installed at any mating area of two units.

This element can be manufactured with non-standard features:
  1. Box dimension.
  2. Numbers and dimension of cable gland in a wafer for socket.
  3. Switching/protection equipment (automatic circuit breaker, releaser). Installation of drive motor with remote control is also possible.
  4. Installation of protection device of any manufacturer.
  5. Installation of protection device of Client.
  6. Box door type (right, left, on bolts etc.).

Note: tap-off box is installed after the busbar turn off from the network and control of voltage availability only.
Special GF joint unit is required for the installation.
BB Bolt-on box
  • KLM-S
  • 16
  • Cu
  • 55
  • 4
  • 1
  • BB
  • 800
  • Y1

Order sample: Bolt-on box 800A with automatic circuit breaker in a cast resin enclosure with control lever, busbar trunking system 1600A, IP55, with 4 copper conductors, steel enclosure

Maximum current capacity, А
А, mm
B, mm
C, mm
Up to 160 500 285 220
160 700 285 220
250 700 285 220
320-630 850 350 290
800-1250 1060 400 310
Brand, type and automatic circuit breaker
maximum current in the tap-off  box is
indexed separately in the notes to the order code.