FE-S Non-standard straight unit

This unit can be manufactured with different length:

500–999mm - S1
1000–1999mm - S2
2000–2999mm - S3
FE-S Non-standard straight unit
Ф 1250
  • KLM-S
  • 10
  • Cu
  • 55
  • 4
  • 1
  • FE
  • S2

Order sample: 1000A, copper, IP55, with 4 conductors, steel enclosure, length 1100 mm*
*Precise length is shown in the note to specification of equipment.

Non-standard unit measurement and calculation
Non-standard unit dimension, required for installation between samples, is 560 mm. Dimension of unit is found as net distance between 2 units installed minus 30 mm. This distance is required for two joint units installation.