Transformers manufacture

  • dry-type cast resin transformers 25–3150 kVА, 6–35/0,4–10 kV, in a protected cover;
  • wet-type transformers 16–2500 kVА, 6–20/0,4–10 kV;
  • wet-type transformers 16–6300 kVА, up to 35 kV;
  • wet-type transformers with voltage control 630–25000 kVА up to 35 kV;
  • wet-type transformers 16–160 kVА, 6–10/0,4–10 kV;
  • dry-type and wet-type transformers: noiseless, energy-efficient, cold resistant, seismic resistance;
  • wet-type transformers is enegy-efficient transformers with magnetic circuit of amorphous steel 32–1000 kVА;
  • "smart" wet-type transformers with self-control system;
  • special transformers of I–III dimensions up to 35 kV including;
  • dry-type and wet-type transformers with non-standard parameters are available upon order request.

Transformation and distribution substation manufacture

Transformation and distribution substation are calculated for transformers up to 4000 kVА. KLM engineering is one of the few transformation substation manufacturers, who supply TS of high power. Difference of KLM engineering from other manufacturers is calculation of substation heat chamber. Transformation substation is provided with 95% factory readiness.

Transformation substation set of outdoor and indoor type with voltage up to 35 kV including. Company manufactures three phase and single phase transformation substation of different types (long pillar, stand, sandwich): TS .

As Russian manufacturer of transformation substation, KLM engineering produces high and low voltage equipment for TS: cells of distribution devices, KSO cameras, automatic transfer switch, panels (MDP, DP, Lighting DP and etc.), switching equipment — automatic circuit breaker, fuze. Company produces not only domestic equipment, but also foreign equipment manufactured by Siemens, Schneider Electric, ABB and etc. adapted into Russian conditions .

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