What is busbar?

Busbaris system of insulated  in cover conductors, which are supplied to installation place as units set. Busbar is used for power transmission and distribution up to 1 kV.

KLM busbar parameters

There are all elements, joint units for power supply project execution.

  • KLM engineering Ltd produces busbar with 2, 3, 4 and 5 conductors, rated current 100A - 6300A.
  • Bar material could be in two types: aluminium  copper.
  • Cross section of bars increased for 10-20% provides less power loss and operation of KLM busbars up to 20-30% at short-period overloading.

KLM engineering Ltd is only manufacturer of busbars with rated current 6300A, aluminium conductors in Russia.

Designers and manufacturing technicians develop custom-built units of busbar within shorten time in case of non-standard design decisions.

KLM busbar structure

Structure was developed based on analysis of advantages and disadvantages of foreign-made busbars in order to provide the reliable, compact and energy efficient system of energy transmission and distribution.

  • There are elbows of 60-150 degrees. Aluminium busbar route can be combined with switching system of any manufacturers.
  • Standard straight unit of busbar is 3 m. Units along with 0.5-4m are produced in compliance with order request.
  • Cover is made of galvanized steel with thickness of 1,5 mm. Enclosure of aluminium alloy can be produces upon request.
  • Busbar structure has additional stiffening plate, which provides high strength, low level of electromagnetic emission, high resistance to dynamic and thermic short circuit.
  • Standard protection degree is IP55. Busbar with protection degree up to IP66 is possible upon request.
  • Tap-off boxes are installed as on two units joint place (up to 1250 A) as on units (up to 250 A). Maximum 6 tapping-off doors are foreseen for standard unit.
  • Conducting part made of insulated bars of “sandwich” type. It provides conductors to have compact form and best parameters of heat utilization.
  • KLM busbar has less energy loss (up to 27%, which equals to saving of ten or hundred million rubles within maintenance time), thanks to current equal distribution, i.e. no “skin effect”, decreasing of impacted bars inductance.

Modern structure of KLM busbar provide simple and quick installation. Busbar system consists of certified standard units, which exclude the installation defects caused by human errors. Rigid enclosure made of galvanized steel and joint units’ leak resistance provide high mechanical and electrical resistance

KLM busbars certificates

KLM engineering Ltd products are certified according to IEC 60439-2, GOST 6815-79. The positive test results for fire-resistance (1200 oC, 180 min), flame-resistance (750 oC, 180 min), and seismic resistance (MSK-64 scale 9) are received. Quality management system is certified in compliance with GOST ISO 9001-2011.

KLM busbar delivery, installation and price

  • Minimum delivery time  within Russia – 4-6 weeks. Delivery time of additional non-standards units 3-14 days.
  • KLM engineering Ltd provides set of technical documentation. Our specialists provide installation supervision.
  • Flexible price system and good delivery conditions for our clients.
  • Optimal price for distributors.
  • Guarantee service.

Order for design or delivery of KLM busbar by+7(499)504-98-49 or in one of the our representative offices.

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