KLM cast resin busbar IP68

IP68 KLM cast resin busbar  is used for and  power distribution voltage up to 1000V, rated current up to 6300A.


compact dimension KLM busbar have smaller dimension in comparison with cable system and its analogues
high protection degree basic protection degree – IP68, after joints hermetization
bar cross section KLM busbars have increased cross section among its analogues, which make its different with efficiency and maintenance reliability
reloading KLM busbars stand 25% reloading up to 6 hours
high fire safety cast resin enclosure made of non-combustible materials, which do not contain halogen
outside application KLM busbars can be used in outdoor conditions with high degree of humidity, at -60 up to +50 ºC
high mechanical strength
high chemical resistance
high dynamic resistance
excellent appearance

KLM busbars are made in compliance with “Sandwich” scheme, conductors (bars) closely pressed and insulated from each other in a single cast resin enclosure.

Minimum distance between conductors is provided by low  system X-reactance values.

System is produced with five-conductors (3P+N+PE). Busbar can be produced with double N or PE conductor/

Cover is made of modern polymer materials. It has excellent electrical insulation features, mechanical strength, chemical and air resistance. It is fireproof and does not contain halogen. Maintenance temperature from -60 up to +150 ºC.

Due to monolithic cover, which has adhesion to the bars surface, there is better heat removal.

Busbar parts are connected via joint unit. The contact surface is bigger for at least 10 times than connected bars, where there is not contact resistance and conductors tin-plating is not required.

Joint parts are performed with single bolt and disk spring washer, which provide stable contact pressure. Torquing is provided by torque wrench with 85 Nm.

Simple installation.


Standard straight unit IP68 with 5 conductors


Standard straight unit along with 3000 mm
Manufacture of units along from 260 mm up to 4000 mm is possible upon order