KLM-R busbar distribution system at rated current from 100 A up to 800 A

Our company produces KLM-R busbar distribution system, which replaces the cable system. KLM engineering specialists provide services on busbar system installation and maintenance. Price of KLM-R busbar distribution system is optimal.

KLM-R busbar distribution system application area and structure

KLM busbar distribution system is used in the buildings with rated current 100A -800 A. Equipment provides:

  • energy distribution at overload case;
  • to build required number of branch joints.

Busbar distribution system can be installed in the industrial buildings, residential and commercial buildings.

Busbar distribution system units are similar with busbar trunking system’s. Structure includes following are:

  • Feed end unit is used for connection the MDP and transformation.
  • Busbar system units of any shapes – straight, angles, including with angle from 90 to 180 degrees, Z-, T-shaped and universal units. Conductors are covered with the shell of 1.5mm thickness galvanized steel.
  • Tap-off box is required for consumers energy supply directly from distribution system inside of building.
  • Flexible unit is used to change busbar direction on a horizontal and vertical plane.

Support units for busbar distribution system 100 A - 800A.

The suggested distance between support units is 1,5m at least, for one straight unit. One busbar unit must have two places for support units at least. Fitting location should not prevent to tap-off box installation and connection of additional elements.

The recommended distance between wall and floor structure is 200mm at least. The distance between two busbar lines is 200 mm at least.

The distance could be decreased in space-limited cases.

Horizontally fixing

Sample of busbar fixing to the wall with carrier KLM-RKU.


Sample of busbar horizontal fixing to the floor structure, M8 stud-bolt at least is recommended.

Vertically fixing

Sample of vertically busbar fixing to the wall with carrier KLM-RKU.

Fixing to the floor structure with the universal carrier

Fixing to wall with the universal carrier

Technical parameters of KLM-R busbar distribution system

Rated current A 100 160 250 315 400 500 630
General features  
Insulation voltage V 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Operational voltage V 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000
Frequency Hz 50 50 50 50 50 50 50
Phase rated short-circuit (dynamic) kA 41 41 45 45 75 75 93
Phase rated short-circuit withstands (thermic) 1s kA 20 20 20 23 43 43 47
Conductors dimension mm x mm 2,7x20 2,7x60 3x60 3,5x60 2,7x109 3x109 3,5x109
Conductor cross section mm2 54 162 180 210 294 327 381
Inductance X1 mOm/m 0,191 0,183 0,165 0,149 0,116 0,107 0,091
Active impedance at rated current R1 mOm/m 0,537 0,251 0,226 0,193 0,138 0,124 0,107

Detailed information is presented in catalogues

KLM busbar advantages

KLM busbar has following advantages:

  • life duration (bars are places into the enclosure, which has bruise resistance;
  • integrity of joint units (special system of joint);
  • branch joints without welding;
  • price of KLM busbar distribution system is optimal.

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